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Christian sent us this ghost picture.  She believes it may be her former pet dog in ghost form.  Many people
do not realize that after a pet passes, it's ghost can usually be seen or heard for at least a week or
two...sometimes longer.

"I am sending you a photo that possibly has a pet ghost in it.  It was taken with a digital camera on the day
we got my puppy Mya.  She is sleeping in the photo.  It may take a second to see her though.

Well, before we got Mya back in August of 2006, we had a dog named Jake.  Unfortunately he passed
away in May of 2006 a couple of months before we got Mya.  He had a stroke while we were gone and
when we got home he was shaking, and he couldn't hold himself up.  He just laid down and shook and
panted for about an hour.  I was petting him when I felt him stop breathing and he died on the living room
floor.  I took it pretty hard, because I get really attached to pets.  I remember asking God to give me some
sort of sign that Jake was okay.  Well a couple weeks later, we began finding clumps of Jake's hair, in most
of his favorite spots to sleep and other things, even though we had cleaned and swept and everything else.
That continued to happened for about three weeks or so. Now we rarely find any of his hair. I believe that
was Jake's way of letting us know that he was okay.

If you look closely in the photo you can see that on the pillow behind Mya, there is a dog's face that closely
resembles Jake. Also to the right side of the bed there is an orb."
pet ghost Left:  
Close-up of
the pillow
with the dog
image.  We
it (below
left).  Do
you see the
dog face?

Photo of
Jake before
he passed.
Jake the dog
pet ghost
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