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Jim took this ghost picture in Prescott, Arizona of what looks to be an ectoplasm fog in front of a reportedly
haunted hotel.  We lightened it a bit in the second picture.  Do you see a crazy, scary face or two?

"This is a photo taken of a hotel in Prescott, AZ.  A newlywed couple spent the night there and her husband
went out for cigarettes and never returned.  The story says she hung herself after waiting for days.  We
stayed there this past weekend to see if we could feel or see something strange. We did!  We were on our
way to dinner, and my boyfriend took a pic of her window.  We see a ghost-like smog with a face, eyes,
nose and all.  Your monitor must be turned up for brightness to see.  It is very scary!  The night was pretty
clear and we were not smoking."
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