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Ron sent us this ghost picture and following story.  His daughter certainly has angels - loved ones with her.  
We think this would be a ghost, as angels do not hide and peek.  Do you see a man looking through the
window?  The hand is quite clear on the screen...

"Last summer we were at camp, Prospect Mountain Campground in Grandville, Massachusetts.  I was sitting
on the screen porch, but felt like someone was watching.  I figured it might be a bear, since there was one
seen a couple of days ago.  So I took my 35m throw-away camera with flash, and took a picture.  Well we
found the camera four days ago, so we had it developed; and as you can see, there is a hand and face.  Mind
you, there are no windows for glare, just a screen to keep bugs away.  For the most part, we have been
praying, as well as all our friends, because our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at ten months old.  Now
she will be four years old, after chemo-radiation and two bone marrow transplants.  So we think she has an
angel to protect her.  On the other hand, the owners of Prospect Camp Ground said there has been many
stories of a ghost that roams those hills."
mountain ghost
Left: Do you see part of the
facial image of a man to the
right of the hand?
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