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We received these ghost pictures from Jakeysmomma and they appear to have a spirit mist hovering around
them.  Could a ghost have been with them, enjoying the Halloween festivities?  You decide...

"My husband and I carved some pumpkins a few nights ago (10/14/06), and when we were done I went
outside to take a few pictures with my digital camera.  I was alone and was not smoking.  Most of the pictures
were fine, but when I looked at them later I noticed that three of photos had something strange about them.  
There was no smoke, fog, or mist of any sort on my porch when I took these.  My husband and I live in a
house that was a grocery store in the 1920's.  We live in the upstairs where the family that ran the store used
to live.  I don't know if that could have anything to do with it.  And for the record, I am not a believer when it
comes to ghosts, but this made me wonder if maybe I needed to be a little more open-minded on the whole
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