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Jane Neill-Hancock sent us this intriguing ghost picture of what may prove to be an apparition captured at
Ringwood Manor.  Jane went back and provided us a second image from a similar vantage point with no
object even close to what she had caught in the first photo...

"I live in North Jersey.  I love the Ringwood Manor but had not been there since 1978 or 1979.  I stopped at
the Ringwood Manor to pick up brochures about their Christmas tours.  Perhaps you know that the Manor and
the grounds are supposed to be haunted.  However, I did not go expecting to see or capture anything on my
cell phone camera.

The Ringwood Manor was not open yesterday for tours, but I have been enjoying taking photos with the digital
camera in my cell phone, so I decided this would be a great opportunity to take some photos.  The grounds
are lovely and even though it was a bit overcast - I still took a lot of photos.  The weather was actually very
unusual – the sky was so cloudly that the sun peaking through caused the sky to almost look like dusk at
times with pinks and greys.  The photos were both taken about 11am.  It was not until I got home that I noticed
that there is someone or something I did not see when I took the photo.  It is quite exciting to me and I can
hardly believe it.  When I take photos with my cell phone I send them to my email address and then I open
them later with the Kodak EasyShare Software.

The first photo: I noticed someone in was a shot I took from the solarium area looking back into the back
garden.  I did not run into another person the whole time I walked about the house and took photos, so I know
if the woman had been in the garden I would have seen her.  Interesting enough the main ghost of the house
is supposed to be a woman named Eleanor Hewitt and it is said her aura is a bluish grey. The woman that
appears to be in the photo in the garden has long brown hair and appears to have a gown of bluish grey
which also appears to be a bit transparent.  There are statues in the garden, but most of them are sphinx like
- a woman with a lion body and close to the ground.  There is one tall white standing one but it is all the way
on the other side by the parking lot and not even close to this area.  The figure in the photo also does not
appear as dark or dense as the column in front of it.  I see the figure clearly – not sure if you do.  The figure is
on the left side just above the sun dial in the V of the trees there.  She appears to have a period dress on with
a puffed sleeve and long brown hair – do you see her?"
haunted ringwood manor
ringwood manor apparition ghost at ringwood manor ringwood manor ghost
Close-up of what looks like a woman holding a baby, but the white part looks
like a post to us.  The second image is a gamma adjusted close-up; and the
third image is the negative.

Below:  The same area in a later picture taken by Jane does not reveal
anything even similar there.
ringwood manor
"I did go back to Ringwood Manor to check them out.

The first one (picture) was not easily explained away.  I did not get the exact
spot where I stood before, because I did not have the shot with me (so I
could not get the exact spot where I stood).  I also went to examine the spot
between the trees and by the bench to see what statue, pole, globe or
anything is there, and there is NOTHING there in that space.  So this one I do
believe is a photo of something.  

The only thing I can think is possibly there are some statues way in the back
of the garden that appear to the right of the space between the two trees.  
Maybe somehow, and the way I stood, they fell between the two trees and
created the figure looking illusion; but I do not think so.  But I am open to
your evaluation.  They are clearly far away in the two photos I am sending;
whereas in the first photo I sent you, the figure is closer than those statues
appear to be in the photos taken on a later date."

Below:  Jane also captured the picture below which looked like a ghostly
lady flying in the trees.  However, Jane was able to "debunk" this photo, as
she later found the hole in the trees created the illusion of the incredible
flying girl.
ringwood manor ghost
haunted ringwood manor
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Picture of
Manor appears
to have a flying
girl ghost
overhead.  Jane
was able to
prove by going
back it was just
the sky poking
through the

Close-up of the
flying girl at
Manor taken by