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A loved one apparently posed with Kathy and her sister.  Was it mom?  People say that ghosts never miss a
holiday.  This is ectoplasm mist was captured by Kathy Eastwood of Cornwall on Hudson, New York:

"This photo was taken December 25, 2006 of me and my sister with a small digital camera with a flash. There
were several more photos taken in the same place with the same camera and there were no streaks as there
are in the photo with the woman on the left, who seems to be surrounded by some kind of mist-like thing. I've
seen this before in other ghost photos and was wondering if this could be an apparition.

Our mother died in January 2005, and she lived in that apartment, although she didn't die there, her ashes
are there now.  I just thought this was an interesting photo.  I've taken photos before in the apartment to see if
I could 'capture' anything - also with a digital camera, but up until now, there was nothing."
sisters ghost picture
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