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Teresa Littleton from Arkansas sent this intriguing picture of ghosts and spirits.  We are sorry to hear of her daughter's tragedy, but amazed at these images: 

"I took this picture of my daughter in May 2006. The car  was my deceased daughter's. I had just gotten  it back from the police, because of the investigation in her murder. The daughter in the pic is the identical twin sister of her.  The man convicted of the murder is also in this photo.  If you look closely at the driver side trunk of the car you will see a man and a ghostly figure above him.  He showed in three separate photos that day.  Also by the back wheel in the pavement, you can see the image of a girl."

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spirits ghosts
We tried to keep the resolution as best as possible for you to see the three heads in the photograph.  The first photo has one head; the second, two heads.
spirits ghosts - 2 facesspirits ghosts
Original image.