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Harriet Showalter of Boones Mill, Virginia sent us this nice ghost picture of ectoplasm.  Could it be General
Stonewall Jackson?  You decide:

"Hello this is a picture of my husband at my daughter's Jr. / Dad's Weekend from Mary Baldwin College in
Staunton, Virginia. The picture was taken around 10 p.m. with a Fuji 9.0 mega pixel digital camera, at the
Stonewall Jackson Hotel.  I was not smoking and it wasn't cold enough to see your breath, either.  I saw my
husband walking down the sidewalk and thought I would take a picture of him in his tux.  Only after the flash, I
looked at the camera to see the pic and noticed the fog-like area on the viewfinder.  I told him I caught a ghost
or something.  We could not see image of fog in real time only on picture.  If you look closely, the area near
his right elbow looks like a horse profile, and further in the background sorta' looks like a man with a beard
with an out-stretched arm (like using a horse whip).  Maybe its ole Stonewall Jackson.  Lexington, Virginia is
only thirty minutes down the road (VMI), and there are several monuments of Stonewall there (he taught at
VMI).  What do you think I captured...some sort of energy?"
stonewall jackson hotel ghost picture
stonewall jackson ghost picture
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