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Jo Stephenson of Newton Abbot, Devon, UK sent us this picture of the Widdecombe Church.  With its
long history, could it be haunted?  You decide...

"I took my youngest daughter on Dartmoor for a drive on a  summer's evening last year.  As we were
leaving Widdecombe, we saw some ponies grazing by the side of the road.  We decided to take some
pictures of them, and I thought I would take one of the old church. The weather was fine and warm. The
church has lots of history, and it was reported that Satan had visited the church and walked over the
roof.  So, it has always intrigued me.  On the 21st of October 1638, lightning struck St Pancras Church,
and severely damaged it, especially the tower; and several people lost their lives.  On studying the
picture, I discovered there is a white shape in the window above the light.  At first I thought it was a
reflection from the light, but if you zoom in on the shape you will find it is inside the church.  Also, there
seems to be another face next to the white shape."
widdecombe church
Close-up of
the window at
Church.  Is it
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