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William Putt sent us this ghost picture taken at Colonial Williamsburg.  This Williamsburg ghost picture
is interesting, as it looks like the people on the ghost tour are being watched.  Is it a ghost, or just light
reflection?  The Crazy Lucy pic at the very bottom is very compelling...

"I have this image from the lantern tour in Williamsburg, VA.  It was submitted to the tour website and
will be posted there as well.  This is the most compelling image I have ever seen.  The picture was
taken with a regular camera.   The image is on the negative as well, for I had to make sure that it wasn't
a mistake, and had three more copies made to confirm the image.  All pictures show this ghost in the
bottom left window."
williamsburg ghost picture
ghosts of williamsburg

Close-up of the
right window.   
We see two
faces in the
window pane.
Are these the
ghosts of


Here is the left
Are these ghost
faces?  Look at
the lady's face
on the upper
left pane!


Close-up of
Crazy Lucy.
ghost tour ghosts williamsburg
williamsburg ghosts
"Last summer I went to Williamsburg, VA for vacation.  While we
were there, we went on a lantern tour and I took photos of
everything I could.  I came across an image of a woman in the
window of one of my pictures. and one of the lights are on when the
house has been vacant for many years.  I submitted this picture to
the Williamsburg website, and I was told that it is Crazy Lucy.   They
are putting the picture on the front page of their website.  They say
it is the most compelling photo they have seen."
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