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This amazing window ghost picture we received astounds us...especially when one studies the eyes and face
changes.  Take a look...

"I have been taking landscaping photos of houses that I work on...when taking photos of the yards; the
houses have been in the background.  A neighbor of one of the houses next door - was outside one day when
I was freaking out looking at the digital viewer seeing someone standing in the window of a house that was
empty.  They asked me to take a some photos of their house and I did...and there it was.  That is an
architectural window...dead space behind it, if you will pardon the pun.  I have three photos of it; one it's
looking up, one it's looking out, and the last one looks like it's looking at me...completely freaked us both out.  
Since the houses belong to my employers, I cannot show the full house or give a location other than Missouri."
window ghost
Close-up reveals
the eye details.
window ghost
window ghost
window ghost window ghost
adjustment and
negative image of
the first face.
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