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Annaliesa sent us this picture of what looks like a lady who most likely snuck up on the girls unbeknown to
them.  Do you think it was a ghost or just a passerby?  You decide...

"I have included two pictures for you.  One a close up.  My sixteen year old sister and her friend were in the
woods behind my house about four days ago. They were goofing off, making funny faces at the camera
and having a good time. They claim no one was back of them at the time. They say if a stranger was
around, they wouldn't have been making a fool of themselves.  If you look between their hair, you can see
the image of a lady...maybe in her 50's or 60's.  It's very freaky!  Do you think it's a ghost?  I love ghosts,
but I am scared to go in those woods now!"
Close-up of the woman behind the girls.  She most likely was enjoying the
woods, too, and walked into the picture.
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